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The fact that you landed on this page shows me you are someone who is capable of taking decisive action – a major characteristic of a good coach.  It also shows me that

You Plan to be a SUCCESSFUL COACH as well! 

Being a SUCCESSFUL COACH means you are one who . . .
  • Is Knowledgeable about his or her Field or Niche
  • Is Seen as an Expert
  • Fulfills a Specific Need
  • Has a large, Enthusiastic Client Base
  • Adds Tremendous Value, and
  • . . . Gets Paid for It!!
My seasoned Coach Trainers and I now want to offer you a powerful course that will, in a very short period of time, put you on the road to both personal and financial success… It’s called

The Coaching Kahuna Overview

and is a series of 12 videos presented in 3 different Modules:
  • The FIRST MODULE is how to become the expert, or find the expertise you need.
  • The SECOND MODULE is about positioning yourself to be SEEN as the expert by your ideal client.
  • The THIRD MODULE is all about how to transform people’s lives . . . starting with your own life.
This 3 Module Course of 12 videos is easily worth over $200, but I want you to have it for a small token payment.   The reason I’m doing this is because I strongly feel that, once you’ve had a taste of the POWERFUL knowledge contained in these videos, you’ll simply want more.

So CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW to sign up now!!

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You’ll quickly find out why hundreds of folks say The Logical Soul® and related courses are the best investment you can make as a coach. And I want to add this… if you don’t feel that you’ve gotten at least 10 times the value of what you paid us, I’ll gladly refund your money – no questions asked – because I want you to be completely satisfied with what we have to offer.  

Let me just give you a quick overview of the Course,

… It’s divided into 3 Modules representing 3 complete courses that we offer through our training academy:

The First Module

is an overview of our Life Coach Certification Program taught by Dr. Ron Owens, a PhD psychologist, and member of our staff.
  • In the First Video, Dr. Ron goes over The Coaching Process itself to help you learn some of the tricks of the trade, and what it takes to be an effective Life Coach.
  • In the Second Video, both Dr. Ron and I teach a segment on Listening Skills – a very important element of successful coaching.
  • In the Third Video, Dr. Ron and I go into Your Coaching Niche, how to choose your niche.  And we give some examples about how that’s done.
  • And the Fourth Video has to do with The Coaching Contract. Whether or not you have one in writing, there is an agreement between you as a coach and your coaching client.  This video will give you an overview of what that entails, and some of the pitfalls you may encounter as a paid coach and how to avoid them.

 The Second Module

is where we will give you a powerful taste of our weekend advanced training course called Marketing for Coaches.  In this module, I and a few of my marketing experts go over ways you as a coach can answer the questions like:
  • How do you get more clients?
  • How do you get paid?
  • How do you make more money?
  • How do you actually raise your fees and provide more value to your clients?
  • The Fifth Video is called Coach Quest.  This was filmed during a live training class and shows me walking my students through a very powerful exercise to help them discover their own coaching “Quest” or Style. . . We get them to ask such questions as:
    • What is your Archetype?
    • In what role do you see yourself as a coach?
    • In what roles do you see your clients when you coach them?
    • These are major dynamics, and if you don’t understand these dynamics and the underlying archetypes, you may run into problems charging for your services!
  • The Sixth Video is an overview of my Six Figure Marketing Formula that I teach as part of the Marketing for Coaches course.  You’re going to get a taste of some very powerful ways you can start marketing your coaching practice for both immediate and long-term results.
  • The Seventh Video is called The Product Funnel and is taught by best-selling author and entrepreneur Jason Oman.   Your product is your coaching, but coaching is more difficult to sell than, say, a widget, auto part or shop-vac, mainly because it’s not tangible.  Jason will show you how to turn your coaching into a tangible product and invite potential clients to spend money with you!
  • The Eighth and Final Marketing Video covers YouTube Marketing.   David Wright, an Atlanta marketing expert, will show you how he can turn a simple 2 minute video into a powerful sales tool that will attract thousands of people to your business.  This is something you can take and use right away.

The Third Module

The last Module is called Logical Soul® Training – an advanced course designed to transform your life and the lives of your clients.
  • The Ninth Video starts you off with something called Divine Listening.  You’re gonna learn what that is, how to utilize it effectively, and why it’s so completely different from other forms of listening you may be familiar with.
  • The Tenth Video is all about Personal Transformation. What does that mean?  And how do you really change people’s lives… starting with your own?   You’re going to learn why and how your own personal transformation is intimately tied to your ability to transform others.
  • The Eleventh Video is where I spend nearly 30 minutes in an actual Logical Soul® Session with one of my course volunteers.  Come look over my shoulder and see how you can get some amazing results surprisingly fast!
  • The Twelfth Video is a Course Summary – a wrap-up of the Overview Modules, and how you can start on the road to becoming a Coaching Kahuna yourself.
So if you find this preview the least bit interesting, go ahead and Click on the Button Below right now to get started.

The price is less than the cost of lunch at the corner deli, there is NO risk, and will be the best investment you ever make this year!  Also, you will be able to watch the videos over and over again so you can learn at your own pace!

Take this step now, and I’ll see you on the other side!!

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